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Inter-island Flying

Now how to fly here...Three commuter airlines fly to Molokai: Mokulele , Makani Kai and Ohana (Hawaiian). So good service and a good range of prices.

Car Rentals

You definitely need a car on Molokai. No public transportation. We only have two national car rental agency: Alamo at the airport and molokairentalcar.com. Local rentals are Mahana Nursary and molokai-car-rental.com. You need to rent in advance because we have a shortage of cars on weekends and during the winter. And you pay more when you don't reserve in advance.

Shop around for the best price. Let us know if you have questions.

We try to greet all our guests at the airport to ensure no hassles and do an orientation of the island when you arrive so you can find and do the things you want on Molokai. I work outside the house, so I have to juggle the schedule and most of the time it works.

We are accessible and helpful and want guests to relax and get in tune with what is important and that is family and nature.

Bike Rentals

There is one good place to rent bikes: Molokai Bicycle. Molokai is a great place to bike if you are in good shape and enjoy the challenge of some uphill travel. Think about the vacation you want if you are choosing to bike and not rent a car. Remember, there is no public transportation system and two taxi cabs.


Baggage on the Smaller Planes

On the smaller planes, there are luggage restrictions on weight. If you have items that you don't need while on Molokai, there are secure services at the Honolulu Airport to store your baggage. Not a big deal, if you want to bring everything; however, expect a surcharge for the overweight baggage, and all the baggage doesn't always come on the same plane. But it almost always comes on the next plane. So don't worry. That is why we are at the airport to meet you. To help you should that happen.


Clothing on Molokai

Casual. The standard dress is t-shirts, shorts, and rubber slippers or thongs. In the winter bring a light jacket or sweater since it does go down to the mid 60s at night.

Got more questions? Just ask us at 808-553-9009 or email us at: cpgroup@aloha.net.

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